Garbage Removal

Garbage and trash are a fact of life. Even the most waste-conscious person will find it difficult not to create these bi-products. To make matters worse, everything in the store seems to come with more packaging than it used to. This creates more waste on an ongoing basis and especially after special events like holidays and birthdays.

Garbage Removal Services

When customers contact us asking for garbage removal services, they are largely concerned about where their trash will end up. Oftentimes, important letters and documents are discarded. We always recommend to our customers that they shred any important papers prior to discarding in the trash or recycling. The next recommendation we offer is to have a Junk On Junk Off representative come by and pick it up by hand. This reduces the risk of passers-by rifling through trash cans and extracting potentially compromising information.

Using Junk On Junk Off’s garbage removal services will ensure that your information is discarded safely and completely.

In addition to security, our customers are also concerned about recycling. Any garbage we remove is disposed of responsibly. This means that we re-use and recycle as many of the items as possible. Only as a last resort will garbage or trash be taken to the dump.

Trash Removal Services

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What is the difference between trash and garbage? Well, while we are quite sure there is a technical difference by definition, trash and garbage are one in the same to us. We’ll haul, remove or dispose of any unwanted items quickly and efficiently. Most of trash removal jobs only last a matter of minutes.