Cardboard Removal

Don’t let cardboard fool you, it’s tough to move especially if you have a lot. Even if you break down the boxes they probably won’t fit in the recycle bin. Save money and time by having us come by and remove your old cardboard. Give Junk On Junk Off a call. We’ll come take it off your hands.

Cardboard Removal Services

Need cardboard removal services? Look no further! Junk On Junk Off provides cardboards removal services for Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Snohomish County. We’re your favorite neighborhood junk removal company who loves to recycle and reuse.

On our many daily trips to the dump, we see a lot of cardboard thrown in the trash. It is unfortunate because most of the cardboard is in perfectly good shape. Cardboard with little wear and tear can be used to create new cardboard containers. This can only happen if it is recycled properly. Even cardboard that has been used and abused can be repurposed. This material is often used to create recycled packaging material. The uses (or re-uses as we call them) are endless as long as the cardboard is disposed of properly.

Seasonal Cardboard Removal

Throughout the year we seem to accumulate more and more cardboard. With online shopping and increased packaging, we simply run out of space to store it all. And then the holidays come. Our homes are literally over run by cardboard boxes and packaging material. Many people consider renting a dumpster during these times to avoid overflowing trash cans and recycle bins. A much more affordable solution is to call Junk On Junk Off. Our team can drop by and haul your cardboard and other packaging materials in no time. Best of all, you can rest assured that everything will be recycled properly!