Junk Removal Process

STEP 1: Booking & Confirmation

Request an appointment online at our “Take It Away!” page.

Contact us directly by phone or by email.

Booking online is ideal for customers who have a good idea of what they want. Have an old mattress that needs to be removed? Are those old computer monitors taking up too much space? These are great questions to ask yourself while looking around your living space.  Be sure to make a list and include it in your appointment request. With one simple call we will haul it all!

For online reservations, you will receive a confirmation email to keep for your records. This email will contain the date, time and any additional information related to the pickup.

If you have any questions about our process, our rates or anything in general, we recommend contacting us directly via phone or by email. Our representatives are happy to walk you through the junk removal process step-by-step and establish how our services may help you in the best possible way.

STEP 2: Arrival & Cost Estimate

On the day of your appointment our crew will arrive at the scheduled time. Something we pride ourselves in is punctuality. When we say “We’ll be there” we mean it! If there are any changes to your reservation, we ask that you notify us 24hrs in advance.

The cost estimating process is based on the amount of space in our truck that your junk will take up. We offer five rates: Minimum load, 1/4 load, 1/2 load, 3/4 load and full load.

Upon request we are able to provide a rough, ballpark estimate of junk removal fees based on a description of what needs to be removed. We prefer to evaluate and provide estimates live and in-person. Our Junk Removal professionals are very well trained at helping you get the most bang for your buck! The best part about it is that there is no obligation to sign.

STEP 3: Junk Loading & Removal

After approving the estimate, our crew will begin work immediately. We will carefully remove each item and load it in our truck.

Depending on the type and amount of junk being removed, our crew may take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours to complete the job. Time is of the essence so we will work quickly and efficiently to let you get back to life.

Once we remove the last item we will have you sign off on the work and supply an invoice. Payments can be made with cash, check or money order.