Storage Unit Cleanouts

“Can you believe the storage unit is already filled to the brim?” Sometimes it is truly amazing the sheer volume of things we collect in our journeys. Storage units are a fantastic way of keeping your items while not being overrun by them in your living space.

Out of sight…out of mind.

Storage Unit Cleanout for Seattle, Bellevue & Snohomish County

The difficult task with using a storage unit is first remembering what’s what and where it is. Then comes the realization that the box you brought all the way down to the unit won’t fit. There’s literally not another inch of available space!

What do you do? Some people may just chose to rent another storage unit. That’s a good idea but first you have to look at what’s in front of you: would a storage unit cleanout services free enough space? Often times the answer is “Yes!”

Storage Unit Cleanout Services

A storage unit cleanup is a fraction of the cost of an additional storage unit. In this economy, few people can afford to take on additional expenses. Also, a storage unit cleanout will help you prioritize your items. You’ll have a clear view of what’s junk and what’s not. Nine times out of ten, we end up freeing more space than the customer anticipated.

Best of all: we’ll do the heavy lifting! In fact, we’ll do ALL the lifting!!! No need to break your back. Let our highly skilled crew possessing hulk-like strength step in whip that storage unit into shape.

Storage Unit Auctions

Did you recently purchase an unclaimed storage unit? Unless your the luckiest person in the world, chances are there is a ton of junk, unusable, undesirable items left over. Junk On Junk Off takes care of all the dirty work with our storage unit cleanout services. Once you’ve pulled out all the valuables from your storage unit, we will come in and remove everything else. Missed something? Our team members will alert you if we come across something you may have missed or overlooked. No more long hours loading up the truck. No more annoying trips to the dump. Streamline your storage unit buying process today!